Firstly, I would like to applaud the creators of these tribes for gathering the communities and creating the frontends for these Scot tokens: PAL, LEO, & SPORTS. At the moment, I’m focusing my attention to these Steem-Engine tokens and have been building my investments around them. Even though they are currently in their early days, I do think that these tribes are one of the powerhouse communities in the Steem ecosystem.


Why diversify my Steem to PAL, LEO, & SPORTS tokens?

For a long time now, I’ve been holding my Steem earnings as Steempower and have been earning steem tokens through my curation rewards. Everything is well until I realize that Scot frontends has a higher earning potential in terms of curation rewards. Aside from the change in rewards distribution to 50/50 (author:curator), my influence over the Scot frontends is less diluted in comparison to my influence in the Steem(it) frontend. 

I’m getting a new version of Steem without even leaving the steem blockchain.

I can always switch back to Steem whenever I wanted to.

My upvote value in Scot frontends are far greater than in Steemit, thus my curation rewards is worth more than in steem(it) as well.

And since the Scot tokens have lesser conversion value than Steem, my Scot token acquisition is far lesser as well. How cool is that, it’s a cheap buy but it produces a great deal of profit.


Here are the current market price conversion from Steem to Scot tokens:

1 PAL = 0.44400 Steem (2.25 Pal for every Steem)

1 LEO = 0.22999 Steem (4.35 Leo for every Steem)

1 SPORTS = 0.00350 Steem (285.71 Sports for every Steem)


What’s clear about the current Market value of these tokens is that all of them are at a discounted price. In terms of the PAL, it is designed to have a 1:1 ratio with Steem and so investing in PAL right now could double (more than) your money when the buyers reach the sell wall in the Steem-Engine DEX.

While in the case of LEO, it’s designed to have a 2:1 ration against Steem. So investing in LEO right now could turn your money almost 10x when the buyers reach the sell wall set at the Steem Engine DEX. I started purchasing some LEO tokens when it was priced at 0.075 Steem:Leo, it could very well be my biggest return if LEO will be able to reach the designed ratio against Steem. 

It’s not too late for anyone to invest, in fact LEO was just live about 5 days ago. And the Market price has already increased 7x from it’s low price few days ago.

Among the three Scots, SPORTS is the one that intrigued me. I wonder how does a single vote can provide 4-5 digits of SPORTS token value. It maybe because of the total supply of tokens which is 100.002 B

Currently, I don’t hold any SPORTS tokens but I will get some in few days. I’m currently waiting on some of my earnings from STEEM, PAL & LEO to reinvest to SPORTS. I find it the most interesting as I’m curious about the return that it will bring me through curation.


In the next days to come, I will be making some comparison among these Tribes (SCOT) in terms of the curation rewards. Let’s see which one is the most lucrative.


Steem on. Cheers!

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