Firstly, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake that I did with my Pal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also invested in Pal and I never dumped it like others did early on. The regret that I had is that I never purchase some of my Pal coins early in the game. 

So what happened is, when I first checked on the PAL Steem-engine market, the price was above 0.01 steem:pal which gave me a haunch that this token won’t have any worth. Few days later, I checked it again for curiosity sake, the Pal tokens are already trading at a price above 0.15 steem:pal. Again, I failed to see it’s worth and didn’t jump on it while it is at a discounted price. Few days later, I made up my mind to invest a little steem at a price of around 0.39 steem:pal. Although, I earned a bit of Steem tokens out of it, I did have regrets that I didn’t invest on it while it is supposed to be highly profitable.

Now, as I was following through some discussions in the Leo discord channel, I noticed that there is an on-going tallying of the stake Leo tokens. Few hours ago, there are already 1M staked Leo tokens by Leo users. An incredible milestone at a very stage. Even the creator of Leo is stoked with the support that the community is doing for Leo.

In my personal view, this is a good indication on the adoption by the Steem & Pal users. And for me, a token is valuable when people believed on it and use it. I think that the airdrop strategy is a good plan afterall, to distribute Leo tokens to the PAL stakeholders. Currently, PAL tribe is what I think is one of the solid ones out there and happy to be a stakeholder in it regardless of the amount.


Yesterday, I was able to buy about 3100 Leo tokens and staked it. Since, Steemleo is just getting started, the curation rewards is still considerably high and is able to provide a good return to my stake. 

At the moment, I’m currently buying few more thousands of Leo tokens for me power-up once again. As you may have learned by now, the Steemleo is also splitting the rewards to 50/50 which is also a lucrative way of consuming some investing content. How cool is that?

We’ll see how Leo plays out about a week for now. Cheers!

Disclaimer. This is not a financial advise. Convert your steem/SP to Leo/Leopower as your personal decision & be aware of the potential risks. Please do your own research before you decide to do so.

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