Last night, I was listening to the recorded Steem Witness Forum and I was thrilled on the way things are going at the top management level of the blockchain. In this forum, the Top 20 Witnesses are present and the Managing Director of Steemit Inc is also present. Although some parts of the discussion has brought us to where the management of steem went wrong, however the forum also lead to the possible solutions that could prevent any further damage to the ecosystem.

Among all of the discussed topics, the marketing of Steem has struck me the most. I think everyone knows that steem is clearly undervalued compared to the other blockchains that are ahead of us in terms of the Coin market cap ranking. We are currently at Rank #76 and that only shows how the masses think of steem as a crypto that is not worth investing.

It’s probably because the masses have remarked Steem based on its previous image and flaws. However many have failed to look at the latest developments that I think are the game changer for the whole blockchain. We all know that the Steem blockchain offers a fee-less transaction and it’s incredibly fast as well, but these features might not be an “eye candy” for the masses. Obviously, the masses are looking for a product that will provide them with a good experience and nurturing place for them to engage with other users.

I would say, we are halfway with it. In terms of amazing UI, we are still lacking on this part in terms of, the flagship website. I just wish that it could have a better looking UI that the masses will view as modern & intuitive website.

The next thing that was mentioned is that, Steemit Inc has intended to gather a group of Steem users that will act as Ambassadors for the Steem blockchain. These group of people will be in-charge for spreading the good words about Steem. They are like the Steem Influencers and they will be empowered by Steemit Inc’s SP delegation. I’m personally excited about this news because in order for us to sway the masses to any of the Steem-based frontends & dapps, we will be needing a highly enthusiastic & social individuals that will execute this task. There are no names mentioned but I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of qualified steemians for this role. It will be good to have individuals from across the globe to have a diversified result in terms of community development.


Steem on, cheers!

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