I have been using the Palnet frontend for almost 3 weeks now and I failed to see its difference between Steemit until today. I’m talking about the major differentiation between them that are invisible to my perception.

The obvious difference between Palnet to Steemit is shown on its pages wherein I view a different set of influencers in terms of post payout value. And the currency is displayed using the native PAL token and not in Steem or SP.

The distinction that I’m starting to realize is the rigorous implementation of rules and guidelines that was set by the team of moderators & curators. I believe that this effort is good to organize the system while the Palnet is still on its early stage.

That’s the part of me that adheres to their belief.

However, while reading the discussions about the recent action of Palnet team when they muted one of the PAL users and imposed penalties for the PAL user’s behaviors. I also realize my lack of information about the guidelines or rules that are governing Palnet.


In Steemit, I feel like I’m in a public space where anyone has a total freedom to express themselves regardless of whether the other users may view their actions as good or bad.


While in Palnet, I feel like I’m in a public space where anyone has the freedom to express themselves. But there are specific users that are rigorously watching over the entire space for the users that they think is not adhering to the guidelines or rules that are being imposed. Sort of like the police in the virtual world.


What I mentioned above is my personal “subjective” view of things and I don’t intend to agree or disagree with the actions that the Palnet team is doing. I’m merely expressing my observations.

That being said, I do think that them being present in imposing their guidelines or rules will have a positive impact to the Palnet ecosystem. In addition, their actions may even inspire other frontends to follow their lead in creating a proper environment based on their objective point of view.

On second thought, I do think that Palnet may not be for everyone. The other users may look at it as a “centralized” social media platform that is being governed or controlled by an authority or a small group of users. It’s too early to assume it that way since Palnet is still at its early stage.


I would say, let it go through its own evolution until it clearly defines its distinction with Steemit.

In addition, I do think that the interface should be reinvented as well. A simple color change may not be sufficient enough to detach the sentiment that we had from Steemit. If Palnet is deemed to revolutionize the blogging aspect of Steem, I believe a complete refurbishment of the interface is required to turn around the mindset of the Steemit users when using the Palnet frontend.


Let’s hope for the best. Cheers!


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