Everyone is getting excited about the recent pump in BTC, who wouldn’t, right? According to some historical events, when BTC reach a milestone in terms of price from a long period of bull market, it is said that Altcoins will follow the upward trajectory.

There are BTC holders who made a good fortune in this recent pump that will be looking for other cryptos (alts) to hedge their investment.

The only issue is that Steem went down to #70 in CMC ranking. On the last time I checked, we are still at the #56 ranking. I thought that it will stay there as the lowest point and then start to come back up again. To my surprise there are altcoins that went up ahead of Steem that I think don’t actually have a working product yet. Those are the projects that sounds too good to be true and they seem to use some fancy words like multi-chain, dual protocol…etc

I wonder how & when will the hedge fund managers look at the lower ranks and check on the promising altcoins that has a working product like Steem. We have investors that talked proudly about how great Steem is. It’s surprising that not many investors see through the potential growth of the Steem ecosystem. The Steem blockchain is no longer a platform for blogging, we are much bigger than that. It’s a blockchain that can support multiple platforms like Steemit, PALnet, Steemhunt…etc in terms of transactions & rewards mechanisms.

The smart people in this blockchain have created amazing real-world use cases like Actifit (rewards physical activities), Tasteem (rewards restaurant review), Utopian (rewards open-source contribution), Dclick (rewards through Proof-of-Click), and so on.

Aside from that, there are already successful blockchain-based games like Splinterlands (tokenized card game) & Next Colony (tokenized space exploration game) that have built a solid community around it.

These are only a few of the good reasons why investors should look into Steem.

And while, Hardfork 21 is being reviewed. The Steemit Inc dev team is already working on the Community feature & SMT which will allow anyone to create their own token similar to what an ERC-20 token by ETH.

Not only that, we already have a working version of it by the name of SCOT & SCOT Bot which resulted to PALnet.io & PAL tokens. There are other frontends like Weedcash & Steem Coinpan which are all working product that was based on SMT whitepaper.

On top of everything else mentioned above, Steem is also one of the fastest blockchain out there and the transaction is free!


That’s about it! Cheers

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