I’m almost 2 years old here in steem and I’ve been recollecting some moments in my stay that I think made a good impact on my experience.

When I first landed on this platform, I was introduced to the Steemit frontend where I got to discover what kind of contents are being acknowledged. It was challenging for me since I’m not really a long-content type of creator. Back then, I usually consume short-form content and mostly visual (video) contents; reading & writing is not really my form of creative output.

It took me days to write my intro post and it took me a while to release it even though it was just a basic 2min read content. It didn’t catch enough attention compared to other intro stuff.

Of course, that didn’t stop me to create more contents. It was until I came up with the idea to write a short blog about my experience at the Marina bay area, the post is entitled A Magnificent show. With that post, I got my first Curie upvote!


During that time, being curated is the obvious way for anyone to earn steem as a content creator.


A few weeks after I joined, the Busy frontend came to life and it created a hype among steem users. The interface was better than Steemit and most are excited about it. It was just a frontend, they added a layer to it that measures your influence in the ecosystem. It means that the more followers you have the higher the upvote you get from Busy’s account. I like the simplicity of it and so I’m still using it until now.


Then came the Utopian, it was a platform built on top of the steem blockchain where a steem user can help in the development of an open-source project. I participated in the Graphics section wherein I completed logo / banner design tasks. I contributed about 50 logo designs over the course of 3 months. It was a fun experience for me.


Few more months after that, more dApps were subsequently released that was initiated by independent developers. One of them is Musing.io, it’s a Q&A platform where users are rewarded with upvote by posting questions and answering them as well. Aside from the fact that anyone could earn a decent amount of steem, in addition I also learn more about Steem in detail as well. The replies I got for my questions are motivated & well structured.


Now, a big part of my content consumption is spent on listening to vlog & radio shows. It is probably the easiest way to learn about almost everything. I mostly listen to Pensiff, Crimsonclad, Themarkymark, & Theycallmedan.

Their shows are mostly steem related and listening to their shows feels like I’m getting a direct insight about steem & crypto in general.

I would recommend anyone reading this to listen to the latest shows of Crimsonclad where she talked about the things that are happening in Palnet.io. She also talked about the 50/50 rewards distribution that is being experimented in Palnet. She also provided an insightful thought about downvoting of contents.

With regards to the current state of steem, Themarkymark show is probably the most intuitive and well structured talked about the upcoming Hardfork. He is also joined by a great cast of audience that are also steem users that will honestly speak their minds with conviction.

I can actually spend the whole writing every bit & details of my journey here in steem but I don’t want it to be too lengthy. The ones mentioned above are what I think made a good impact on me in terms of my steem experience. And a big part of it happened in the recent year. It made me wonder what could be getting in the other of this year.


It’s gonna be an exciting time for everyone! Cheers


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