In the early days of my Steem(it) journey, I was mainly focused on my travels and photography contents. Since I didn’t know much about the concept of blockchain & cryptocurreny, I shy away from these topics. Sooner, I find it interesting and tried to learn about it by reading some contents about it.

Due to my frequent research about Steem, I noticed that I was leisurely sharing my thoughts about certain topics that caught my attention. Most of my posts are steem-centric however I also try to include topics about the other crypto projects that might help add value to the steem(it) platform.

Obviously, Steem(it) is still on its early stage. We are still a small group of individuals that belong to an ever growing community. I’ve met some interesting and passionate people who are busy building their own projects that are adding value to the platform. It’s amazing to think that a Steem user, regardless of his or her status, will take a huge undertaking and work hard to reach a certain goal that will benefit steem in general. They do it generously without expecting anything in return. An act of true altruism.



That’s why it’s not surprising that Steem(it) has survived and get through the lowest point during the bear market in the crypto world. Why is that? The technology behind Steem(it) may have provided dApp developers the access to tap into the resources that is fast & free. However, it is the community that provided enough traction to the dApps through their active participation and consumption of the product.

The technology behind Steem(it) may have set the foundation to support the ecosystem. But the Steem community has played a very important role in gracing this place and made it more inviting for probable investors and new users in the ecosystem.

We have to bear in mind that anyone can simply fork the Steem blockchain and create a new ecosystem. However, no one can simply re-create a passionate community that is similar to what Steem have.




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